Clearing Browser Cache & Cookies

They do look irresistible, but no, not those cookies.  We’re talking about your cached browser data which is kept to expedite your next visit to a site. This is great, however there is always a limit to the information stored in your browser. Performance improves when you delete browser cache, cookies, and history. Try it out, you will be surprised how much it will help!

Note: Applicable for Windows and MAC and depending which browser you are using.

How to clear cache on Internet Explorer.

Example: Based on IE 11.

1. On IE, Click Tools>Internet Options.

2. Under Browsing history section> Click Delete.

3. Under Browsing History>Click Delete.

Known Issue: I’ve changed my password today from one of my saved website, my saved password will not work anymore. What can do?

Solution: Using ‘remember password’ method helps, but when you change your password you’ll run into an issue like this.   Be sure to click Passwords checkbox> then Click Delete>Restart Internet Explorer session(s).

Caution: This will delete any saved auto-fill password for other websites in your browser. Always remember your passwords or keep them in tight for security reasons.

Known Issue: I’m unable to load a page from a website when I click a button.  The page stays there, I’ve restarted my browser but it didn’t help. What can I do?

Solution: Be sure to click Forms Data checkbox> then Click Delete>Restart Internet Explorer session(s).


How to clear cache & cookies on Google Chrome.

1. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome button.
2. More Tools>Clear Browser Data>.

How to clear cache & cookies on Firefox.

1. Click the Menu button.
2. Click History.

3. Click Clear Recent History…>Clear Browser Data>.

4. Check out Details Area when expanded. In this example Time range to clear set Everything > click Clear Now.

How clear cache & cookies on Safari Browser (Mac).

1. Under Safari > Preferences >.

2. Select Privacy Tab > Click Remove All Website Data

3. Click Remove Now.

Important: Why do we need to clear browser cookies & cached information?

  1. Improve Browsing Performance, noticed when browser starts to slow down when loading websites.
  2. Troubleshoot issues, i.e. Loading forms, replace auto-fill cached password not working.
  3. Security/Privacy, Information left on local/public machine, need to clear.

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PowerPoint Screen Recording

Screen recording using PowerPoint. You can record your computer screen using this tool inside the application. This can be helpful for tutorials and much more.

Applies To: PowerPoint 2013 & 2016

How to start recording.

1. Inside a PowerPoint Presentation>Click Insert Tab.

2. Click Screen Recording.

3. A toolbar will appear on the top middle of your computer screen. Click Select Area. This will allow you to record the selected area, everything inside the box.

Note: You can adjust the are to record multiple times by just clicking Select Area button again.

4. Click Record button to start recording.

5. A 3-second countdown window will appear. You can press the Stop button or press Windows logo key + Shift + Q on your keyboard to immediate stop recording.

Note: In case you didn’t have enough time to stop recording, you can delete the media file when It’s saved on PowerPoint presentation.

How do I save my recorded screen as a separate media file?

Note: When you have finished, or have an existing media file inside any PowerPoint presentation, you can follow these steps.

1. Right Click on a media file>Click Save Media as…

2. Select Location>Rename File if necessary> Click Save.

Shortcut Keys





Select Area




Record Pointer

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