PowerPoint Screen Recording

Screen recording using PowerPoint. You can record your computer screen using this tool inside the application. This can be helpful for tutorials and much more.

Applies To: PowerPoint 2013 & 2016

How to start recording.

1. Inside a PowerPoint Presentation>Click Insert Tab.

2. Click Screen Recording.

3. A toolbar will appear on the top middle of your computer screen. Click Select Area. This will allow you to record the selected area, everything inside the box.

Note: You can adjust the are to record multiple times by just clicking Select Area button again.

4. Click Record button to start recording.

5. A 3-second countdown window will appear. You can press the Stop button or press Windows logo key + Shift + Q on your keyboard to immediate stop recording.

Note: In case you didn’t have enough time to stop recording, you can delete the media file when It’s saved on PowerPoint presentation.

How do I save my recorded screen as a separate media file?

Note: When you have finished, or have an existing media file inside any PowerPoint presentation, you can follow these steps.

1. Right Click on a media file>Click Save Media as…

2. Select Location>Rename File if necessary> Click Save.

Shortcut Keys





Select Area




Record Pointer

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