2018 Tennessee Cluster & Statewide Founders Day

Dear Sorors of the State of Tennessee!

As we kick off the third cluster in the 2018 Cluster Cycle, we welcome you to Jackson, TN. This year, we invite each of you to Refuel,Reflect, and Rededicate. We ask that you refuel your spiritual tank and reconnect your server to the Savior; reflect on the values we hold dear with our family, friends and sisters; and rededicate your lives to the principles on which our illustrious sorority were founded, exactly, 105 years ago.

Our vision continues to include all sorors, collegiate and alumnae, each having a vital role in advancing the sisterhood. Roles that will empower chapters to better serve our communities, embrace the talents of collegiate and alumnae members, engage those members to create opportunities that will advance the region and enhance each chapter in a powerful way.

The Regional Leadership Team, along with our host chapters, Dyersburg Alumnae, Jackson (TN) Alumnae, Martin Alumnae and Eta Xi (University of Tennessee at Martin) chapters, has worked untiringly to prepare purposeful, enlightening, and informative sessions with entertaining opportunities for sisterly camaraderie and fun.

The weekend celebration will begin with the opportunity for sorors to participate in stimulating workshops and enjoy a fellowship- filled Welcome Event. Our founding observance of every year has a special meaning in the heart of EVERY Delta. We will all rededicate ourselves to our Sorority during our time gathered at Cluster.

On this special day we will unite in service during DeltaServeTogether. We are asking each soror to sign up and participate in a service project while in Jackson. This will provide us all with the privilege of walking in the footsteps of our beloved Founders. After we serve, we will put on our red dresses and be served, while enjoying an evening of entertainment, during the, Red Dress Affair, Founders Day Dinner Celebration. On Sunday, January 28th, we will commemorate our Christian Principle roots with a soul-stirring Ecumenical Service. You don’t want to miss this sisterhood-filled weekend.

Each registrant must complete the on-line registration form and submit payment via the online service listed on the site. You will receive confirmation via email. Please check to make sure your information is correct. Registration fees are $95 for alumnae and $75 for collegiate sorors. The instructions for registration are included in the Call to Cluster.


2018 TN Call to Cluster
2018 TN Cluster Service Project

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Tennessee Cluster/Statewide Founders Day.

Violets and Pearls,
Sandy & Jessica